Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thoughts on The Hunger Games

Hey guys!
So if you follow me on Twitter, then you already know that I went and saw The Hunger Games last night! I honestly have been looking forward to seeing the movie since I finished the first book! Alright, now onto what I thought.

It seems like the movies are never quite as good as the books, and in this case, that remains true. However, I really did like it. I think they did a good job with recreating it. Unfortunately, there were somethings that they changed, and left out...Like how Katniss gave Prim the pin to keep her safe... what? Are you kidding me? Did I skip a chapter or something, because that's definitely not how it happened. And because of that, that completely gets rid of the character Madge. Who, I think is very important in Mockingjay even though she's dead. Also, Peeta's father never visited Katniss before she left for the Capitol.  I also feel like they didn't show the grandeur of the Capitol enough, you don't really get the sense that all of the other districts are poor and starving and the citizens of the Capitol have a fine life. And the only one in Katniss's family that looked even on the verge of starvation was her mother. Now, skipping to the Arena, I was a little bit bummed that they didn't show Rue's district sending Katniss their bread as a way of saying thanks. But, I did like that they showed Rue's district doing the three-finger salute to Katniss. Now, at the very end they didn't show Katniss and Peeta in the hovercraft where she was absolutely freaking out thinking they were going to kill them. It might just be me, but I actually really liked that part in the book, because it felt like the first time Katniss really showed that she cared for Peeta. The way they ended it leaves me wondering about the next movie... They did not show Katniss and Peeta's fight at the very end, and I feel like that is kind of important to the next movie, because they aren't exactly buddy buddy in the beginning of the second book.
Alright, enough about the bad! Time for some stuff that I loved! I really, really loved the way they showed the fighting in the Arena. It wasn't too gruesome but you knew exactly what was going on. I know that in the book they don't talk about what is going on with the game makers and the sponsors because it is told from Katniss's point of view, but I loved how they showed that in the movie! I think it made it really obvious that the tributes had absolutely no control over their fates. If the game makers wanted you to die, you would die. I also thought that Josh Hutcherson did an amazing job as Peeta! Not gonna lie guys, he's pretty cute! Jennifer Lawrence also did a great job as Katniss!
Overall, I really enjoyed the movie, if you've read the book, I think it's worth seeing but there will probably be a few changes that they made that irritate you.
Let me know if you've seen it or if your planning on going to see it! And if you've seen it- what did you think?!
Have a great Sunday guys! :)

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