Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dupes for Stila's Kitten

 As you may recall from an earlier post of mine, I said that I thought that Clinique's Daybreak was a dupe for Stila's Kitten. Well I also have 2 other shades that I believe are dupes for Kitten! You be the judge! :)

Stila, Clinique, Maybelline, MAC
Clinique's Daybreak

Maybelline's Silver Starlet
Stila's Kitten
MAC's Love Connection
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Kitten VS. Daybreak
  • Kitten obviously has flecks of glitter in it and Daybreak is just a shimmer.
  • They are similar but not an exact dupe; Kitten has a more peachy bronze tone to it.
Kitten VS. Love Connection
  • In the pan they don't look like they would even be close to the same shade, but because Love Connection is a mineralize shadow, when you mix together all the shades that are baked into that one color they come out pretty close to Kitten.
  • Love Connection leans towards being a more pinky- mauve color while Kitten is a champagne that hints at being peachy.
  • They do have the glitter aspect in common; if you were wearing Love Connection in a look instead of Kitten, someone would have to be staring at your eyes for a very, very long time to be able to tell that you weren't wearing Kitten.
Kitten VS. Silver Starlet
  • Silver Starlet is by far the closest to Kitten.
  • In certain lights it does look like it may be a bit darker.
  • Both are peachy champagne colors with glitter.
  • A bonus with Silver Starlet is that you get two colors for the price of one! I can't say I've used the blue shade (blue isn't really my color), but it does look very pretty!
  • Another bonus is that you get a Kitten-esque color at the drugstore price! How sweet is that?!
Price Differences:
  • Maybelline's Silver Starlet- $5.83
  • MAC's Love Connection- $20.00
  • Stila's Kitten- $18.00
  • Clinique's Daybreak- $15.00

You can buy Maybelline's Silver Starlet here.
If your interested in the original, (Stila's Kitten) just go here.
If you want Clinique's Daybreak go here.
To buy MAC's Love Connection just go here!

Want to see Clinique's Daybreak in action? Go here!

Let me know if you have found any other dupes for Kitten! I'm sure there are tons!
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