Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love & Beauty Cream Blush Review

Confession? I saw this blush on and saw that it was only $2.80 and I had to get it! I mean come on, that's such a good deal! And I am so glad that I got it! This is currently my everyday blush and it is so gorgeous! It gives you that perfect pink flush, like if you had just been out in the cold. And it looks so natural because it's not a powder so you don't look cakey or 'powdery'. Unfortunately, it is not available on their website right now, but from what I've heard that happens frequently, and (fingers crossed) it should be back in stock soon. When it is, you will see that pretty much everyone who has tried this loves it! (I can see why). They also make this in a peach shade, but it wasn't in stock when I placed my order, but I have definitely been keeping my eye out for that one.

If you do end up getting this, don't be deceived, it looks like it's relatively matte, so no sparkle or shimmer. WRONG! I just noticed this a few days ago but there are chunks of silver glitter in it!...what?!?! I know, I know. Who wants big silver sparkly chunks of stuff on their face when they were trying to go for a more natural makeup look. Well, no fear. In the swatches you can see the glitter, sort of... But I have stared at my face in every sort of light in all sorts of uncomfortable angles and I have yet to find a noticeable chunk of glitter on my face! Hooray! I'm not quite sure where exactly it runs off too, but hey, I'm not questioning it!
I always apply this with either a stippling brush or a huge fluffy brush (technical, I know :) ). I tried it with my fingers once and it... it seemed to be too heavy of an application. So, I recommend using brushes! Another bonus, it blends beautifully, and lasts really well (score!).
Enjoy the swatches! Let me know what you think of the color, and if you have tried it, do you love it too?

No Flash
No Flash
With Flash ( Can you see the glitter??)
Without Flash
With Flash
  Sorry that the texture looks sort of... sketchy, it's only like that because I apply it with brushes! But you can see how creamy it normally looks where I swiped my finger through it! :)

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