Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's Naked Week!

Its Naked Week!!
....What are you talking about Sarah?
Well lovelies, I recently re-discovered a very beautiful palette that I owned and decided that it had so much potential that it deserved an entire week of blog posts dedicated to it! What palette am I talking about? Judging by the title of this post you can assume that it is some sort of 'naked' palette. Perhaps Urban Decay's Naked or even Naked2? Nope! Its Too Faced Naked Eye Palette. This palette comes with 9 gorgeous shadows, and 3 cards that show you potential looks that you can do. Every day there will be a post with a different look, and yes, I will create the 3 looks that are shown to you, but in that post I will also show you how to change it a little bit so you have Sarah's version of the suggested Day, Fashion, and Classic looks.
To get all of you excited I have quite a few beautiful pictures of this palette for you! If you see any potential color combinations that you would like to see, please let me know in the comments below! I'm totally open to suggestions! Enjoy!


Lap Dance

Pink Cheeks (It looks matte in this pic but it is definitely a shimmer)

Birthday Suit

In The Buff

Satin Sheets (GORGEOUS)


Like A Virgin

Pillow Talk
If you are interested in purchasing this product just go here!

Disclaimer- All products mentioned were purchased with my own money.

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