Monday, April 2, 2012

What am I reading?

Hi guys!
I just wanted to do a super quick book related post on what books I'm currently reading!

Yup! Crossed! I feel like I really have a thing right now for books about dystopian societies. Cough THE HUNGER GAMES Cough... Who said that?
I don't know if this has clicked for you guys yet, but I completely get the covers now! I was on Amazon yesterday and I saw that you could already by the third book and freaked out a little bit... No big. But it's just a pre-order thing since it comes out in November of this year. But if you look at all three covers it totally makes sense! Well, at least I think it does. Here's my theory, the colors of the covers (green, blue & red) represent the colors of the pills that the society gives everyone in their tablet case. And the first book is green (calming) so it's... the least harmful (?) of the three. Then the second, is blue (nutrient  pill thing) and it's supposed to keep you alive if something was to ever happen to the society. So it's, sort of like, freedom. The third is red (erases your memory) so it's the strongest out of all of the pills, and it was rumored to, well... no one really knows because it's supposed to erase your recent memory so you wouldn't remember taking the pills, but Cassia knows! Anyways, that's the most lethal. 
So that's the color portion of my theory. But I think the images on the covers represent Cassia breaking away from the society. Because if you look, on the first one it looks like she's trying to get out of the bubble thing, then the second one she actually broke through the bubble, and then on the third she's like getting out of the bubble. So yup. That's my theory! It's probably totally wrong!
So I'm currently 26% done and it's starting to get really good! Let me know if you guys have read this, and if you liked it.
I'm currently reading this for my English class in school, but I really really like it! It is so much better than The Scarlet Letter (the last book we read). Have you guys read Tom Saywer? My mom said she read it and liked it more than Huck Finn. Would it be worth reading for me?
Oh, French class... Yeah, I just finished this book over the weekend for my French class. I actually really liked it. But guys, I was convinced that Lili was actually a girl until my teacher corrected me like halfway through the book... Oops! 

So those are all the books that I'm currently reading, once I'm done Crossed I'll be starting The Lost Symbol (my library lone expired last time </3). I can do a post on that when I'm done if you guys want! I also will be doing a post on Crossed as soon as I finish it.
What books are you reading right now? Any recommendations?
Have a beautiful day! :)

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  1. Check out my recent outfit inspired by The Hunger Games! And I also have an obsession with dystopian societies right now here are books you should try out: The Maze Runner and Divergent!

    1. I'm actually just about to start reading the third book in the Maze Runner trilogy! They are so good! Thanks for the recommendation, I'm really excited to start reading Divergent now! :)