Saturday, April 21, 2012

Prom Preparations - 1 Week

Hi guys! :)
So, if you read my blog post on prom hairstyles you may remember that my prom is next Friday! So today's post is going to be my sort of check list, type thing. Basically everything I'm doing to make sure that I'm ready for prom next week.

  1. Try on your outfit! Ok, story time- I bought these flats that I thought would go with my dress, then two days later I tried the whole ensemble on... Yeah I'm glad I did because those flats did not go at all. So now I have nice sandals that go! Also, you may not really know if you have proper... ahem... undergarments until you try everything on.
  2. If your getting your hair done professionally, go for a test run! By doing this you will prevent any major hair disappointments on the day of prom. No extra stress is needed! :) If your doing your hair yourself, definitely start practicing. For homecoming I always do my own hair, so this past fall what I would do was, when I came home from school everyday (if I knew I wasn't going anywhere) I'd try out a new hairstyle or try to perfect one that I really liked. Honestly, Youtube is a great place to look for the tutorials. That's where I found my hairstyle for homecoming and I loved it!
  3. DO NOT try out new products! NO! NO! NO! I will admit that I always used to try out new products before a big event because I thought that they would make my skin better and more beautiful. NO. If you do not know how your skin is going to react to a certain product, don't use it! Stick to what you know works for you! If you do want to try out new products, do that 2-3 weeks before prom.
  4. Get ready to glue that smile onto your face! :) Yeah, you know your going to be posing for a  lot of pictures, and you want those pearly whites to look gorgeous, right? Right! If you have the resources, I recommend trying to whiten your teeth. Obviously not everyone can afford to go get it done professionally. I actually love using the white strips from the drug store. They honestly work just as well as a professional treatment. Want me to do a post on my favorite teeth whitening products? Let me know!
  5. Now your teeth, and hair are going to look great! But what about makeup? Same goes for the hair, try it out! Google search some of your favorite celebrities to get some inspiration. Tomorrow I'm planning on testing out a look of Dianna Agron's that I'm obsessed with!
  6. Have you made all of your appointments? I haven't... I still need to pick a nail salon and make an appointment for next week! I do not recommend being a slacker like me. Seriously! 
  7. Do you have the right nail polish color? If you're going to paint your own nails to match your dress, you might want to make sure that you have the perfect color! Paint your nails the weekend before and check them with the dress.  If you're getting acrylics (like me) take some time to think about whether or not you want classic french, or tips painted to match your dress, or a design! Again, I don't know what I'm doing... ;p
  8. Are you sure you really want to eat Oreos for dinner... again? :) Hey, I'm not judging, I do the same thing! But in all seriousness, you probably are going to want to watch what you eat the week of prom, we don't need to look bloated in pictures! If your not loving the way your arms look in your dress do some intensive arm exercises to get ready! Basically, your just putting the finishing touches on your body. Obviously there's no way your going to be able to drop 15 pounds the week before prom. Don't even think about it! Be realistic, and love what you've got to work with. :)
Ok, I think that's all for tonight! Sorry that this was a super long post! :) Let me know if you guys want to read more prom related posts. Trust me, I don't mind writing them. It's probably going to be the only thing that I can think about this week anyways!
Have a beautiful day! :)

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