Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Music Monday - Gotye

Hi, hi!
So I have a feeling that if you haven't heard this song, you've been living under a rock ;) If I'm not mistaken this song has about 200,000,000 views on Youtube? Crazy! Now, I know a lot of people that really don't like this song because they think it's 'weird' but, I personally love it! I feel like this is the perfect breakup song! Honestly, what relationship doesn't end in people saying that they could still be friends, and then they aren't because it's too hard and awkward!
Do you like this song? What do you think of the video?! Let me know!
Have a beautiful day :)


  1. I love this song but I definitely love Walk Off the Earth's cover on youtube better. You should go check it out ! :)


    1. Their cover is so good! It's really hard to pick a favorite though! I love them both :)