Sunday, May 13, 2012

April Favorites

Favorite.Show.Ever. Have you seen it yet? You need to.

Best.Facewash.Ever. I literally have been using this stuff for a year, and I adore it. Every single time I run out, I just buy more!

This makes my hair super shiny and soft, and it makes straightening my hair so much quicker!

Hmmm... Natural but better! Love<3


When I'm feeling lazy in the morning (practically everyday...) I just put a little bit of this on and smudge it out.

This gives me the perfect plummy pink look! I typically use this more in the fall, but I actually really like it  for Spring now!

Easiest liquid liner to use!

Holy coconuts! Don't you hate when you have a shampoo or conditioner that smells amazing but the scent doesn't last in your hair? Yeah, that's not a problem with this!

Makes straightening my hair go so much faster!

Makes my hair super soft & it smells delicious!

This makes my hair so soft! Also, it's very conditioning but it doesn't weigh my hair down!
My favorite pink lip color!
Sorry that this is so late guys! More posts coming soon, I promise!
Much love<3


  1. I use the same facewash! It is so amazing!

  2. You forgot to give the nail polish a close up! :)
    I tried the foaming facewash and the grapefruit cleanser and they made my acne so much worse. I hate wasting products but I actually threw both of em out! :(


    1. That's so horrible! Neutrogena has a green cleanser that did the same thing to me! I think it's their Acne Stress Relief one? Either way, it dried my skin out like crazy and made my acne so much worse! Sorry that I haven't done the nail swatches yet :/ I really haven't done much to my nails after the last fiasco! But hopefully I'll be able to do that soon! :)