Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Target Beauty Bag!

Hi guys!
So most of you have probably heard of the Target Beauty Bag, and some of you may have even received it. I decided to just go through it and tell you some of my thoughts on the products in it!
I was super excited when I saw the bag that it came in. Honestly, it's super adorable! It is kind of small but you can bet that I'm going to put this to use when I'm packing for France!
This is my favorite sunscreen, hands down. I don't typically buy it in SPF 70 but I'll use it! This is actually the only sunscreen that I will use on my face. I feel like most of the other ones break me out, so this stuff is amazing!
I actually haven't tried this color yet, but I'm sure I'll love it seeing as I adore the one I have right now!
The coupon that I'm probably most excited about is the one for $3.00 off of Revlon! I definitely think I'll be buying some of their new balm stains!
I had actually already tried this product and I think I like it! Now, I'm not sure that it's really helping to repair my split ends, but it smells really good and makes my hair soft, so that's a plus!
This smells so good. Oh my gosh. Yum. When I took my bag out of the box this was all I could smell! I really like this scrub, it's somewhere between a microdermabrasion scrub and a regular exfoliating scrub. I'm definitely enjoying this, oh and did I mention that it smells delicious?
I actually have the full sizes of both of these and I really enjoy them, they are my favorite shampoo/conditioner set for color treated hair!

So I hope you enjoyed this sort of random post! Did any of  you receive this bag? If so, were you kind of bummed that we didn't get the Rimmel mascara that they showed in the ad?

Have a beautiful day! :)


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    1. Target had posted on Facebook about a month or so ago. They also had a deal going on where if you bought any cosmetic/beauty item off of their website you would get the bag for free, but I think that they're all out of them now. I'm pretty sure that they do one for every season, so if you want I can post about the next one so you know when to sign up! :)