Monday, June 4, 2012

Music Monday - Sammy Adams

Not really.... I'm just peppy because my room is filled with the scent of orange and white chocolate chip muffins! :) YUM!
So, yup! I've really been liking this song by Sammy Adams. I remember a few years ago I was really obsessed with him, there was this one song... I think it was I Hate College, and there is literally only one part in it that I really love. I would just walk around my house singing it all day long. Yeah, I'm just that cool. Do you guys do that too? I hope I'm not the only one! Haha! Get it?! That's the name of the song! :) I'm a funny kid!

What song are you obsessed with right now? Is it Sammy Adams? Do you even know who he is? What's your favorite kind of music? Have you heard I Hate College?

Wow Sarah... I need to relax with the questions... Sorry guys. I guess I'm just a little bit over tired right now, finals are coming up this week and I'm starting to stress out. Thank goodness for muffin therapy! ;)
Have a beautiful day lovelies!

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