Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Music Monday - Zac Brown Band

Hello everyone!
So yes, I know that it is currently Tuesday, but I had to post this! I didn't have time yesterday because I was studying for my last final of my Junior year!!! YAYYY! Literally. That makes me so happy! But, while I was studying last night, I was blasting this. It's my jam! For some reason I'm really not into country all that much during the Fall & Winter months. But when it comes to Spring & Summer, I just can't get enough! Is that just me? Or does country music remind you of driving to the beach during the summer time? Either way, I love it<3
I actually hadn't heard this song in a really long time but then at the Relay last weekend they played it and I was just hooked. Instantly.
Anyways! I hope you guys have had a great Monday and Tuesday! :)
Have a beautiful day!

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  1. I nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award! :)