Thursday, July 11, 2013

Drugstore Haul!

Hey guys!
Sorry I disappeared for a little while! I lost the charger for my camera and for a while I was determined to find it, but it seems to have vanished so I just ordered a new one and it came in last night so yay! It seems that Maybelline has been on point with their new releases lately so naturally I got sucked in. I literally went to 6 different stores last week looking for the gel stick foundation! So worth it. Let's get in to the goodies!

  • Maybelline The Mega Plush mascara (waterproof) - I was totally out of waterproof mascara a little while ago and CVS had one of their extrabucks deals going on so I had to get two! 
  • Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Stick in 110 & 115 - I finally stumbled upon these last Thursday at Target. I practically ran up to the fully stocked display because its totally logical to think that someone could have scooped them all up before I reached it! I've only tried these out twice so far but I'll be putting up an in depth review soon.
  • Blum Naturals Cucumber Face Wipes- These smell amazing. If your not a cucumber scent fan, I'd steer clear, but I love them! 
  • Maybelline Baby Lips-
    • Berry Bomb (Electro Collection)
    • Pink Wink
    • Pink Shock (Electro Collection)
    • Strike a Rose (Electro Collection)
    • Oh! Orange! (Electro Collection)
  • Dermstore Lipquench- This smells like the Very Berry Refresher from Starbucks (which I'm obsessed  with) and it feels a bit sticky at first but I think it does a great job moisturizing my lips!
  • Beauty Blender Cleanser- I bought a Beauty Blender a few weeks ago and I now understand what all the hype is about. But naturally my mother had to be the voice of reason pointing out that it could be a breeding ground for bacteria. I was planning on just using a regular brush shampoo to clean it, and then after some research I found that the designated cleanser for it has antibacterial properties in it so I caved and paid $10 for a bottle of sponge cleaner...
A super tiny little exciting update! I ombre'd my hair today!! I had been toying with the idea for probably a year now and this morning I was incredibly bored and finally had the cojones to do it! I will be posting a before and after along with how I did it very soon!

Have a beautiful evening everyone! <3

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