Monday, June 2, 2014

The Vitamin Shoppe - Next Step Fit N' Full Shakes

If you've seen my Influenster Go Vox Box post then you already got a sneak peak of the product that I'll be reviewing today. 

Alrighty, lets start off with the claims that this product makes - 

"Supports reduction of body fat (as part of a healthy diet and exercise program)."
"Reduces hunger and cravings"

My take on their claims? While I can't comment on the reduction of body fat as I only had three to use, I can see how these could reduce cravings for some people. Specifically people who love cake batter because the French Vanilla flavor tasted like I was drinking vanilla cake batter! YUM!

This meal replacement shake comes in three flavors - Swiss Chocolate, French Vanilla and Fresh Berries. While they were all delicious I think that Swiss Chocolate and French Vanilla were my favorites because they had the least chemically aftertaste.

 Nutritious and delicious? I'd say so! It's packed with 14 g of protein, 5g of dietary fiber and loads of vitamins and minerals.

The bottle advertised with this line is unique in the way that it blends together protein shakes. Most people stick with the typical Blender Bottle that has a ball that reminds me of a whisk. This has a giant jax. In a way, I find it really strange that, that is what is blending my drinks together. Sometimes I wonder if a child just accidentally stuck their toy in my bottle... But, odd or not, it works!

The directions say to mix one packet of powder with 8 oz of water (you can also use milk, almond milk or any liquid that your prefer!). I personally like to stick with between 10-12 oz of liquid. I think it helps to make sure that all of the powder is dissolved so I don't get any of the dreaded lumps..

Once you've got your liquid in there just dump one of the shake packets on top! You can always add the powder before your liquid but I prefer doing liquid first. Now, make sure the lid is on tight and shake it like crazy!

And look at that! I beautifully blended meal replacement shake!

I have two complaints with this product and the first being, the darn bottle. At first I thought I was just being dumb and I didn't know how to open it. But oh no. It wasn't me. I know that the bottle needs to have a really tight seal so that when your mixing the drink it doesn't go everywhere. But the pop top was stuck on there so hard that the first two times I used this bottle I spilled some of my drink all over my phone. Both freaking times.  And I have to say that my brother has a Blender Bottle so naturally I tried his to see if every bottle of this sort was like this but nope. I opened his up just fine. If you've tried this and you've found a way to prevent spillage PLEASE share your wisdom with me!

My second complaint is that the shakes had a chemical after taste. It wasn't quite as noticeable with the Swiss Chocolate and the French Vanilla but the Fresh Berries was pretty bad..

Overall I really enjoyed using this product. If you are new to the world of protein/meal replacement shakes then you will love these. They don't have a gritty texture which is common in homemade shakes depending on which protein powder you use. Also, I found that these did really stick with me for a while. I used them as a post-workout and as a meal replacement. And both times I didn't find myself starving an hour or two later.

I would recommend these products for someone who is on the go and wants a simple meal replacement shake or something to drink post-workout.

Will I be purchasing more of these? Maybe, I did get a $5.00 off coupon so I might just have to swing in and pick up some more of the Swiss Chocolate.

See you tomorrow!

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