Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back To School: What's In My Bag?

Hi guys! :)
Today I have the first video/post in my back to school series!
What does Sarah carry in her school bag? Click the video, or read on to find out!

What Bag Do I Use?

  • Cole Haan Logan Reversible Tote!
What's In It?

  • My French book- Currently Le Petit Prince!
  • Any book that I'm reading for my English class.
  • My Agenda book- This baby has literally saved my life so many times. 
  • French Dictionary- It's completely destroyed, but this is so helpful for my French class. I don't think I would have survived French 3&4 without it!
  • Dooney & Bourke Wristlet- I just keep my money, student ID, license, debit card etc. in here so I can easily take it with me if I don't want to carry my whole huge bag!
  • My Kindle- <3<3<3 I keep this just in case I finish a test or quiz early and don't have anything to do. Also, more often than not you'll find me reading in my study hall instead of doing homework.
  • Sunglasses- Obviously, this is not an essential item, but I like to have them for when I drive home from school. I don't want to get in a car crash just because it's sunny out!
  • Pencil Case- This one kind of explains itself, I just have all basic writing utensils in this bag. At the beginning of the year it's full. By the end, there's basically nothing in it.
  • MUFE Makeup Bag-
    • EOS Lip Balm
    • Chanel Lipstick in Boy
    • Bath & Body Works Wild Apple Daffodil Lotion
    • Purell Hand Sanitizer
    • Hair Elastic
    • Soft Lips Lip Balm
    • Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cherry
    • Goody Spin Pins
    • Bobby Pins
    • Hair Clip
  • TI 84 Plus Graphing Calculator- If your teacher doesn't recommend it, then you probably won't need it. But if they do, you definitely will. It's expensive but definitely worth the money.
  • Gum- Yup, Sarah likes sugary candy type items.
  • Keys- Pretty self explanatory, I need these so I can get to and from school and so I can actually get back into my house.
That's basically everything that I carry in my school bag! 

Have a beautiful day!<3

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